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Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the Ikon News Blog. With many advances within the dental industry, we recognise the importance of keeping our patients and visitors up to date with all of the new and exciting things which are going on within our specialist centre in the heart of Ealing.

Our aim for this blog is to provide valuable insights into the latest thinking and findings and clinical opinions and give practical advice in our areas within our specialism. We will also include a variety of topics and articles on the advancements in dental technology, treatment of dental implantology and provide informative dental health advice from the Ikon team.

We hope you find our blog valuable, engaging and informative. As always, feel free to contact us with any dental questions or concerns.

How a periodontist in Ealing can help you

A periodontist is a dentist who is interested in the gums, the surrounding tissues that support them and the different conditions that affect them. As well as focusing on prevention, periodontics can also treat gum disease, place dental implants and deal with inflammation. At Ikon Dental Suite, our periodontist in Ealing can restore the appearance

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Can everyone have dental implants in Ealing?

Whether you are missing one or more teeth as a result of an accident, gum disease, or old age, chances are that you are considering dental implants. Most patients are suitable for dental implants. But sometimes, dental implants may not be the most viable solution for replacing missing teeth. At Ikon Dental Suite, we encourage

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What is a periodontist?

In dental practice, as in medicine, there are general dentists and those who focus on particular fields of dentistry. A periodontist focuses on taking care of the gums. Gum disease is extremely common, and most adults will experience it at some point in their life. For many, it shows up in a mild form. If

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Are you considering dental implants in Ealing?

Lots of people consider going for dental implants in Ealing but are put off by the thought of the procedure. Here at Ikon Dental Suite, we believe that fear of treatment shouldn’t put you off dental implants or leave you with a gappy smile. Everyone deserves to smile with a full set of teeth. Whether

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We’re all gums about gums

What puts a smile on your face? A good night out with friends? Binge-watching your favourite TV show at home? At Ikon Dental Suite, ensuring our patients have healthy gums is what makes us smile. Often overlooked, your gums are essential to keeping your teeth secure and strong enough to handle all that chewing, eating,

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Implants, bridges or dentures?

Here at Ikon Dental Suite, we have the skills, training and experience to restore your smile with dental implants in Ealing. Dental implants are used to replace missing or failing teeth. They are reliable, secure and feel like natural teeth once they have settled in. For people who have lost or broken one or more

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Which dentist in Ealing for gum disease?

Gum disease is the silent destroyer of your teeth. It doesn’t eat away at them causing big painful holes like decay does, instead it attacks the tissues that surrounds them until, eventually they come loose in their sockets and fall out. Advanced gum disease, known medically as periodontitis, can be difficult to treat successfully and

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Are you sure you can’t have dental implants?

The world of dental implant research and development is fast moving and it can take a while for the latest knowledge to trickle down to dentists who do not offer dental implants themselves. Maybe your dentist has taken one look at your jawbone and told you can’t have dental implants in Ealing because you don’t

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Signs that you need to see a dentist in Ealing

Whether you are nine or 90, your oral health matters. Unfortunately, a considerable number of people in the UK fail to see the dentist regularly, even though check-ups and dental examinations have proven to prevent serious oral health issues in the long run. If you think you have waited too long for your dental visit,

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The return of your smile

When you look at photographs of people from a century or so ago, you can see how bad teeth used to get by the time they were over 40. Gaps and stumps were a pretty common sight, whereas today they are rare. So, if you are one of the people whose smile has fallen on

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