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Read about our patients experiences who tell their own story of why they had dental implants.

"I have been very impressed with how my teeth have responded and am very happy with the treatment provided." - Mrs E.S.


Read about 4 patients who tell their own story about why they choose to have dental implants and their journey with ikon Dental suite.

4 patients with just one decision to have dental implants, which change their lives.

Juan Moralez

"I had five implants placed and immediately afterwards I thought to myself - that was quite good - I had no pain!  The procedure was far more gentle than I ever imagined it would have been and I went home with just some mild pain killers – in fact the surgery was nothing."

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Janet Stockmann

"Dr Bose was very confident that something could be achieved; he had great skill and expertise and made use of all the technologies now available, I was very confident in his abilities – I knew he was the person who could restore my teeth."

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Penny Mandal

"My dentist recommended the best and most viable option would be to have a dental implant. I had heard that this kind of treatment can be quite costly but soon realized that a Dental implant would, over the long term save me time, pain, hassle and money"

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Brian Hayes

"Prior to my visit I carried out some research on Manish and discovered that he was very well recognized within this field of implantology and he teaches on the subject , this instilled me with confidence and so I then went ahead with the appointment."

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