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Facing the problems of missing teeth with dental implants in Ealing

An incomplete smile is tough to live with. There are many direct and indirect issues that can develop due to gaps in your teeth. While we explore some of these below, at Ikon Dental Suite, we want to reassure you up top that, if you need tooth replacement, this is something we can help you with. Dental implants in Ealing are a strong and efficient solution to the problems caused by an incomplete smile.

Dental Implants in EalingOral health issues

Tooth sockets are prone to infection. The whole area is likely to recede, and the body diverts resources away from the gap once the tooth is missing. The sooner that you can replace missing teeth with dental implants in Ealing, the better. A dental implant stimulates the area around it and may improve the health of the surrounding teeth. Also, they are not subject to decay, although you still need to care for your teeth properly.

Drifting teeth

When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth are still subject to the same pressures from chewing but without the proper support. Over time, they can tend to drift into the open space. Not only does this make filling the gap trickier, it can also lead to necessary realignment treatment at a later date. A dental implant acts like a normal tooth and supports the overall structure of the smile.

Jaw misalignment

The jaw is moved around by the muscles of the face. These work most efficiently when they can bite and chew evenly. If the teeth do not meet properly and you have to skew the jaw muscles in order to chew food, this can lead to long-term misalignment issues and pain in this area. If you chew like this for a long time, then the issues can persist even after you have had teeth replaced and may need physical therapy to rectify the issue. This is another reason why it is better to act sooner rather than later when it comes to missing teeth.

We can help you with all sorts of issues at Ikon Dental Suite, but it is better if we can avoid as many as possible. We are committed to preventive care wherever possible.

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