Facing the fear

When considering the pros and cons of receiving dental implants in Ealing, many people dwell on the drilling of the screw into the jawbone. In fact, as soon as someone mentions dental implants, the drill feels like an elephant in the room.

If you are considering dental implants in Ealing, we at Ikon Dental Suite aim to make everything as clear as possible, so you are informed, reassured and ready for treatment. Once our dentist has examined your teeth to determine whether you are suitable for dental implants, they will talk through the whole procedure and listen to any concerns you have.

Dental Implants in EalingIt’s completely normal to anticipate treatment such as dental implants, however it usually sounds more painful on paper than it is in real life. A local anaesthetic is given to the patient to numb the pain, which should be minimal if you have good oral health.

What’s the drill?

Dental implants can be used for people missing one or multiple teeth. A screw is inserted into the jawbone, which allows for the bone tissue to merge with the implant and create a strong foundation for the new tooth. It takes some time for the new ‘root’ to stabilise, and then it can hold the new tooth. A crown is attached to the implant and fills the gap, or gaps, in your mouth. It is made to look like a natural tooth, matching the colour of your remaining teeth.

Life after dental implants

Once you have had dental implants in Ealing, you can reap the benefits. For one, you can you eat whatever food you like, allowing you to consume all the nutrients you need, and chew and digest food properly.

Dental implants also reduce the risk of gum disease, as food won’t get lodged in gaps in the teeth. They will be easier to clean, which should keep bacteria at bay and in turn reduce the risk of gum disease.

As with your natural teeth, you must maintain good oral hygiene if you want to look after your shiny new teeth, by brushing and flossing daily. If you experience any problems after treatment, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can arrange a check-up.

Building trust

So, you are lying back in a chair staring at a bright light and a ceiling, with your mouth open and two people staring down at you, holding metal implements. As you imagine that scenario, how do you feel? A bit nervous? This is a normal reaction to being in such a vulnerable position, even for dentists. That’s why, when you visit us as your dentist in Ealing, we will do everything we can to reduce that perfectly normal feeling of vulnerability and trepidation.

Dentist-EalingAt Ikon Dental Suite, we work hard to build a relationship of trust between ourselves and our patients. When you choose us as your dentist in Ealing, we want you to be able to come through our doors and feel relaxed and to stay relaxed throughout your time with us. From the moment you step inside our dental clinic, you will be surrounded by friendly and supportive people; people who know that being scared of the dentist is normal, and that actually about 13% of people around the world have a dental phobia.

We want you to have a wonderful, healthy smile for your entire lifetime and we know that the only way that’s going to happen is if you take really good care of your teeth and mouth and come in for regular check-ups and cleanings.

And we also know that the only way that is going to happen is if you feel comfortable and relaxed and that is why we work very hard to build up the trust between you and us. The more familiar you become with us and the practice environment, the easier it is to visit. But only if you like us and feel that you can talk to us about any issues or fears or desires without getting a feeling that you are being judged. As dentists, there is nothing to do with oral healthcare that we have not seen or heard before, so please rest assured that we are unshockable.

What we want to give you the smile that makes you happy, relaxed and full of self-confidence. We know how important a smile is for all these things and that’s why we love being a dentist in Ealing.

If you need to refer your patients

If you are a general dentist in London and you need to refer a patient for dental implants in Ealing, then look no further than Ikon Dental Suite. We are mainly a referral practice and take patients referred to us by dentists from all over the capital.

What we do

Dental Implants in EalingAt Ikon Dental Suite, one of our main treatments is inserting dental implants in Ealing. Dental implant insertion requires the skills of an experienced dental surgeon, who knows all about how jawbones can deteriorate when there are no longer teeth in them and how to place an implant so that it offers maximum support while avoiding important features in the bone such as blood vessels and nerves.

Complicated procedures

Very often placing dental implants in Ealing is a simple and straightforward matter, but for some patients, especially those who have been without teeth for a while, things can get a bit more complicated. When you refer your patients to us for dental implants in Ealing, you can rest easy in the knowledge that our dental implant surgeons have a wealth of experience in dealing with complicated implant cases.

This may involve preparatory treatments to replace lost bone tissue, either through bone grafts or sinus lifts. Or circumventing lost bone in the upper jaw by using extra-long zygomatic implants that anchor into the dense cheekbone rather than the jawbone.

Denture stabilisation

We also offer a service to stabilise loose dentures, which is becoming increasingly popular as a good half-way treatment that combines the best of both dentures and dental implants for a fraction of the cost of replacing a full arc of lost teeth with dental implants. Your patient’s existing dentures can be customised to attach to dental implants, or they can have a whole new set of dentures. Dentures are attached to ball or bar attachments on the implant abutments.

Nervous patients

We also offer intravenous or oral sedation for nervous patients. We appreciate that for many people, the prospect of having their jawbone worked on for an hour or so is very daunting and that they need some help to be able to relax for the duration of the procedure.

Helping you hang onto your teeth

If you are looking for a dentist in Ealing with a special interest in helping older patients find solutions to failing teeth then look no further than our team at Ikon Dental Suite.

We know how important it is to have teeth that work really well, and also, that, as you get older, problems that may have been quietly brewing for a good while start to show up. Gums can be a real issue as we age, for example.

Dentist in EalingGum disease is a stealthy oral disease. Its early stages are really hard for patients to spot because there is no pain, which is why having a good dentist in Ealing can make all the difference to your gums.

It’s pretty simple to deal with the early stages of gum disease but not easy as it progresses. Acids from bacterial plaque and tartar on your teeth attack the gums, then inflame and irritate the gums and they can become swollen and red and perhaps even bleed when you brush your teeth. Also, the gums pull away from the teeth, creating pockets in which the bacteria that cause plaque can hide away. The acids they give off as they feed on the sugars in your mouth then start to attack your jawbone under your gums. They eat it away and after some time, your teeth can become loose and eventually fall out. You may also find you have become more sensitive to hot and cold.

Here at Ikon Dental Suite, we treat and reverse the effects of gum disease on your bone and gums. We use Emdogain, an innovative product from Sweden made of tooth enamel protein. We put it onto the root surface of your teeth and after a while your body starts to recognise it and use it to replace lost fibres and tissues, re-anchoring your teeth and giving you your gums back. You can expect to see results after about three months.

To find out more about how this dentist in Ealing can help your turn back time for your gums, call for a consultation. We’d love to help you feel better about your teeth.

Dental implants in Ealing

If you have tried dentures or bridges in the past and they have just not felt 100% right for you, then try something that fully recreates the look and functionality of your natural teeth. Our team here at Ikon Dental Suite love bringing a smile back to peoples’ face and feel that, in Ealing, dental implants are the way to do just that.

Dental Implants in EalingMissing teeth can really have a serious impact on your life, and there should be no need to go through life feeling like you are missing out. Dental implants in Ealing can change that. Thanks to innovations in dentistry, a simple surgical procedure can start you on your way to becoming whole again. Missing teeth can have more of a detrimental effect on your life than just missing a pleasant smile though. Missing teeth can cause other teeth to shift, eating difficulties, or some extreme cases of facial muscles weakening.

How do dental implants work

Small, titanium rods are inserted into the jawbone. These rods actually mimic the root of a real tooth so they are definitely solid and made for long-lasting endurance. The jawbone then sets around the ‘root’, securing it firmly into place. This action has two purposes. Firstly, it secures the root for the carefully designed new tooth or teeth to be attached, and secondly, it also strengthens the jawbone. Jawbones without tooth roots in them can in fact deteriorate, so having this replacement root in the jawbone actually helps to maintain its strength.

Dental implants are not just restricted to one tooth either. If you are missing a few teeth, or even a lower or upper arch, then dental implants in Ealing can be used to correct these losses.

Dental implants are made to be long-lasting, and when they are maintained with a good oral health routine, they can last for decades. The crowns are fixed in place, so there is no need to remove them for cleaning or while you sleep. It can also mean there will be no embarrassing slip-ups.

So if all else fails, try dental implants in Ealing. A complete smile is a content smile.

When you are looking for a dentist in Ealing

If you are looking for a dentist in Ealing who can look after all your dental needs with care, professionalism and a friendly manner, then look no further. Our dentist team here at Ikon Dental Suite has only one thing in mind, and that’s the highest level of care for your teeth.

What we have to offer

Dentist in EalingWe take particular care of you if you are a nervous patient. We are empathetic to your plight and worries, and have put a lot of thought into finding ways to help you relax. Even stepping over the threshold can be a barrier and we ensure our dental practice is always welcoming enough to help overcome that first step.

Dentists all over London refer their patients to us for particular treatments we offer, such as dental implants and periodontal (gum disease) treatment.

The loss of a tooth or teeth does not have to be an embarrassing moment. Accidents and gum disease are the two main causes of tooth loss in the 21st century. Both can happen at any age, although gum disease happens more in older people. If you need an understanding dentist in Ealing, we can provide that understanding. We are committed to providing patients with that complete feeling and replacing missing teeth is our forté.

We love seeing our patients leave with a dazzling smile. We offer smile makeovers to revitalise your pearly whites, rejuvenating that youthful smile can refresh your whole way of life.

We are aware that periodontal disease is a disease that can be affecting your gums without you even being aware until it is too late. Our dental team is constantly ensuring that our patients are aware of the importance of a good dental health routine as well as using evidence-based treatments to control and treat gum disease.

Our dentist in Ealing can offer not only solutions and treatments to gingivitis and bad breath (halitosis) but preventive measures and can discuss with you any concerns or worries you have regarding dental treatment.

All in all, if you have been searching for a dentist in Ealing who wants to provide the best possible advice and treatment for you and your teeth, then your search is finally over.

Do I need dental implants?

Here at Ikon Dental Suite in Ealing, dental implants are the closest things to real teeth that you can get. The question is, how do you know if you need dental implants or not?

Are you missing one or more teeth?

Dental Implants in EalingTooth loss can happen for many reasons, tooth decay, impact accidents, or gum disease to name a few. If you have lost one or more teeth, you could be a good candidate for dental implants in Ealing. If you’re after a comprehensive solution to your missing tooth or teeth, dental implants in Ealing are worth serious consideration.

Do you hate wearing your dentures?

Ok, dentures aren’t particularly comfy. They slip around in your mouth, and probably remind you of your grandparents. If you hate wearing dentures, you are probably a good candidate for dental implants in Ealing. Bin the adhesives and forget about waking up to the sight of your teeth in a glass. Your new implanted teeth will be with you for many years, safely inside your mouth, just like your original own–grown teeth were once upon a time.

Do you have a rotten tooth?

If you have a rotten tooth, still securely rooted inside your mouth, you may be a good candidate for a dental implant. Of course, you will need the rotten tooth removed first, and your oral health will also need to be carefully assessed.

Do you hate your dental bridge?

Dental bridges are the old school, tooth replacement option. However, they don’t have the advantages of dental implants in terms of jawbone health, ease of cleaning, longevity or the aesthetic advantage of dental implants. Dental implants are an obvious alternative and are often the better choice.

Warning for smokers or those with gum disease

Perhaps you have decided that dental implants are the way forward by now. If so you will next have to consider two things. Firstly, if you have gum disease the problem will need to be solved before you begin with implants as the risk of infection following an implant procedure goes up considerably if you have an active infection. Similarly, smokers must quit before they undergo the procedure as it can also lead to infection.

Happy smiles for life

Here at Ikon Dental Suite, your dentist in Ealing, we are dedicated to your smile. Our mission is to create healthy, happy smiles for life and provide our patients with the skills and knowledge to maintain excellent oral health.

One of the areas of dentistry we focus on is gum health. Without the gums and jawbone, the teeth have nowhere to live, so maintaining them is essential. More teeth are lost because of gum disease than tooth decay, so if you want to keep your teeth for life, taking care of your gums needs to be an integral part of your oral healthcare routine.

Dentist in EalingBrushing the gums when you brush your teeth can help to keep them in good condition. There are certain groups that need to pay special attention to their gums, such as those with diabetes, smokers and pregnant women. Pregnancy hormones increase the risk of gum disease so extra check-ups with your dentist in Ealing during this time are recommended.

Another area of focus is dental implants. Implants have been used by dentists for 40 years to replace missing teeth and they are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they are such a fantastic replacement for natural teeth, as they restore both the root and the crown. This makes them stable and long-lasting – well-maintained implants can last for decades.

The reason implants are so secure is that the body grows around them, fixing them in place in the jaw, just like a natural tooth. Implants are made from titanium, a miraculous metal that the body views as natural tissue. It grows blood and bone vessels around the implant, integrating it into the jawbone, providing a stable chewing foundation for a replacement tooth.

And dental implant technology just keeps evolving. We can replace a whole arch on just 4-6 implants and fit new teeth on them in the same day. The implants will still need to go through the healing process, but you don’t have to be without new teeth while that happens if you opt for Teeth in a Day.

Call us today and find out how we can help you maintain a lovely smile for life as your dentist in Ealing.

Dental implants in Ealing: one of the best ways to replace lost teeth

Here at Ikon Dental Suite, we’ve seen first-hand the pain and difficulty caused by missing teeth. We know what a big impact it can have on your lifestyle and your self-esteem. We’ve also been privileged enough to see the delight when a patient gets back a full set of sparkling teeth, and a smile they can feel proud of again.

Dental implants in Ealing are one option we are very happy to offer to restore teeth because we feel it is one of the best.

Dental Implants in EalingSecure and durable

Dental implants in Ealing offer a long-lasting and stable restoration for your missing teeth. With a proper oral health care routine, they can last for many years and even decades.

Implants are replacement tooth roots that are fixed into your jawbone. They are made of titanium for two reasons: it is very hard-wearing and so will last for many years and it has this fantastic property of being able to bond with bone.

The body views titanium as natural tissue rather than a foreign object. Because of this, it grows blood vessels and bone tissue around the implant, securing it in place as well as a natural tooth. This prevents the facial sagging that happens with tooth root loss, and also means that implants can withstand the heavy forces of chewing – something which isn’t possible with dentures or bridges, which is why you need to cut out crunchy and chewy foods.

Other benefits

There are other benefits to having dental implants in Ealing. Because they are fixed in the mouth, unlike traditional dentures, there is no slipping and sliding around and difficulty pronouncing certain words.

You clean them as you would your natural teeth and unlike bridges, they don’t rest on surrounding teeth, so you can clean in between each tooth.

In short, they are almost as good as your natural teeth. And once you’ve had a replacement crown fitted on top, no one would know that they weren’t your own set.

Call us today

To find out more about this stable and long-lasting tooth replacement solution, give us a call or drop into the surgery and find out how you can get back your fully radiant smile.

3 Warning Signs of Gum Disease

Perio disease is silent and is often chronic and painless and people can suffer for many years totally oblivious of the significant damage the disease is doing in their mouth.

If you think you may have gum disease, here is what to look for:


1 – Bleeding gums

The most common and overlooked early warning sign which the majority of people ignore. Many people confuse themselves thinking the bleeding is being caused by brushing their teeth too hard. The truth is that you would have to brush extremely hard to cause healthy gum tissues to bleed. If you are considering changing your toothbrush on advice from your dentist Boots have a range of toothbrushes where you will find one to suit your needs.

2 – Bad breath

We all experience bad breath at some point but it may be a warning sign of gum disease. Millions of bacteria get trapped between the crevice of the gum and the jawbone. Flossing will help control the bacteria and bad breath.


3 – Red and swollen and/or receding gums

This is a sign of gum disease and it can be an indication that your gums are finding it difficult to heal properly and are struggling to cope with the high levels of bacteria – this can also lead to sensitivity of the gums.

If you experience any of these symptoms make an appointment with you dentist here at Ikon Dental Suite immediately who will advise you on how to manage and eradicate gum disease, otherwise you may end up by loosing your teeth by this silent but destructive disease.

You can also visit the NHS website for further information and advice.