Cone Beam CT Scanner

Our dentists are highly qualified and very experienced in dental implant surgery. Our clinical director, Dr Manish Bose, has been placing implants for more than 15 years and he knows what it takes to carry out a successful treatment. As with many things in life, the right planning and preparation lead to a great outcome.

The benefits of the Cone Beam CT scan in Ealing

We use the latest technology to plan and place dental implants at our practice in Ealing. Cone Beam CT scan builds up a pinpoint accurate 3D digital impression of your teeth and gums, providing much more information than a standard dental x-ray, while you lie back and relax in the dental chair. This information shows us exactly where we need to place the implants for the highest likelihood of success. As well as a bone scan, with a Cone Beam CT scan allows us to locate nerves, soft tissues, tooth root tips and sinuses so that we can safely bypass all of them during implant surgery.

How does it work?

The arm of the scanner rotates 360° around your head, capturing multiple angles to create a single 3D image. We will ask you to stay very still during the scan, which takes 20-40 seconds to complete.

Is it safe?

The scanner emits a low level of radiation, which is safe for limited exposure. It's a lower dose than a traditional x-ray and up to 100 times less than a medical CT scan of the same area that you might receive in hospital. CT scanning is painless and non-invasive.

Do let us know if you might be pregnant before having at Cone Beam CT scan in Ealing. Wear loose comfortable clothing and remove jewellery.

Safe and secure

Having a Cone Beam CT scan in Ealing ensures your implants are placed right first time, so that they can successfully bond with your jawbone in a process called osseointegration. This means that, after a healing period of around three months, your implant is permanently fixed, ready to receive a replacement crown, and with proper care and maintenance, could last you a lifetime.