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"I would recommended Ikon to anyone looking to have dental implant therapy. " - Mrs E.K.

Dental Implants in Ealing

As leading dental experts in the field of Dental Implants, we are confident that we have the right specialist skills, knowledge and training to give you back your smile. If you have lost or broken one or more of your teeth then Dental Implants, could be the perfect solution for you without the need for dentures or bridges.

Why Dental Implants?

If you have lost a tooth you will know how devastating this can be. Losing a tooth can not only affect your ability to chew food properly but can also have detrimental effects on your overall health. You may also find that you lose confidence when you are eating or smiling especially when you are in public.

Dental Implants Solution

Our experts will examine you thoroughly to ensure that dental implants are the correct solution for you.  Our experienced implantologist will then discuss the whole procedure with you to make sure you are completely comfortable and aware of the process before proceeding with any treatment. They will also discuss with you your desired outcome to ensure that you will be happy with the end result.

The Dental Implants team at Ikon Dental Suite is here to help restore your health and well-being, giving you back the confidence to smile again.

What is a dental implant?

It is a tiny screw or post that is made of titanium or titanium alloy. This metal is biocompatible. The body sees it as natural tissues and responds to its presence by growing blood vessels and bone around the implant, fixing it securely in place. After a healing period of several weeks, a replacement crown is fixed to the implant, using an abutment: a connecting fixture.

Why get dental implants in Ealing?

Implants are the only tooth restoration method that replaces the root of the tooth as well as the crown. Because of this, implant-restored teeth have a much greater chewing power than bridges and dentures. This means you don’t have to restrict yourself to a soft food diet, you can eat whatever you want, with confidence. And you don’t have to miss out on the vital nutrition you get from chewy steaks and crunchy apples.

Implants are also more secure than other replacement methods as they don’t rely on surrounding teeth (bridges) or suction to the gums (dentures) for their stability. Implants are fixed directly into the jawbone and are as stable as a natural tooth, so they won’t slide around or fall out and embarrass you.

Dental implants in Ealingare long-lasting: with proper care and maintenance they can last for 15 years, maybe even decades.

Implants also help to maintain the structure of the face. Because they encourage new bone growth, they can actually help to restore the jawbone, that may have dissolved after a tooth was lost.

Once a tooth is gone, the body believes that the jawbone is no longer needed there. This is because when opposing teeth tap against each other while we eat, this gives the jawbone the message that it is still needed. If one tooth goes, the jaw no longer receives those taps and so begins to resorb so the nutrients can be used elsewhere in the body. The jawbonecan lose up to 25% in size and density in the first year after tooth loss alone, causing the face to sag.

Dental implants in Ealing can give your face back its shape, giving you the confidence to smile again.

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Dental Implants in Ealing

Richard Brookshaw

Dental Implants in Ealing

Richard Brookshaw is a highly skilled dental implant surgeon. He has placed more than 5000 implants and is one of only a handful of implant surgeons nationwide who can carry out implant surgery in patients with extreme bone loss, using specifically designed zygomatic implants.

Richard is both nationally and internationally respected as a lecturer and mentor in Implant Dentistry, immediate same day implants and CT scanning & planning for implant surgery.

He also lectures for Nobel Biocare nationally and internationally on a range of advanced implant techniques and is a regular lecturer and contributor to their World Tour.

Richard's Centre of Advanced Dental Education (CADE), which he operates with his restorative partner, Dr Bob McLelland, has carried out postgraduate dental training and education for hundreds of dentists since 2008.

CADE provides a structured programme of didactic study delivered through a series of interactive lectures, seminars, hands-on training, live surgery and mentored clinical treatment highlighted in the two year-long Implant courses that operate every year in both London and Manchester.

Richard exclusively practices all aspects of implant dentistry, including hard and soft tissue augmentation, sinus grafting and same day implants.

He first qualified in 1996 from the University of Dundee. Then in 1999 he gained his Masters degree in Oral Surgery from the University of Sheffield and further extended his clinical qualification in 2001 by completing an 18 month Implant Training Programme.

In 2009, he attained a highest honors award in the one year implant master program from University of California Los Angeles/ Gide program.

Richard was also one of the first six in the UK to gain The Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh at its first sitting.

RB Implants are a team of professionals hand-picked by Richard to perform dental implant treatments throughout the UK.

Patients who have had dental implants in Ealing

"I have now had three implants done by Ikon Dental, two by Dr Bose and one by a student of his. In all cases the treatment was excellent. For the second and third implants, I knew what to expect but for the first one, I had a host of questions and Dr Bose answered them all with patience and understanding. At all times, I felt I was in safe and knowledgeable hands, and have been very pleased with the results. I hope not to need any more implants, but if I do, I would have no hesitation in returning to the Ikon Dental Suite for treatment."

– Mr RB BSc (Hons), MIET, CEng.

"I knew I wanted to have dental implants to replace missing teeth and a friend recommended Ikon Dental Suite to me. I was impressed by Dr Bose and the staff at the practice who were very friendly. I did not have to wait long for an appointment and Dr Bose was very professional and explained the treatment process to me. Everything went very smoothly. I would recommended Ikon to anyone looking to have dental implant therapy."

– Mrs EK

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