Implant Teaching Centre


The principle of mentoring is recognized within the GDC as a crucial part of Implant education and is vital in developing the skills required to become an accomplished implantologist. Dr Manish Bose is recognized as a keen advocate in this method of teaching and is highly experienced at providing this kind of support.

Please telephone the practice and the team will put you through to Manish Bose to discuss your mentoring requirements.

Dental Implant Training Centre

At Ikon Dental Suite we are associated with

As one of only twelve national clinical trainers we provide supervised surgery/restorative treatments on patients: Manish Bose is highly experienced at delivering a critical level of instruction, balancing theoretical learning with practical experience. You will be closely monitored, supported and guided every step of the way in complete safety giving you the opportunity to hone your skills in restoring/placing dental implants. Dr Bose aims to prepare candidates for the Diploma in Implant Surgery at RCS Edinburgh.


To facilitate learning that will offer delegates beneficial hands on training and guided learning so they can confidently provide implant treatment within their practice.


To produce competent practitioners who can confidently case plan, place and restore implants in a safe and pre determined manner within their practice environment.

How to apply

Phone: +44 (0)28 92528522
Mobile: +44 (0) 7742609686

GDC Requirements for placing a straightforward case level of implant:

Before undertaking implant treatment, a dentist must develop competence in the procedures involved in clinical assessment, treatment planning, and the placement and restoration of implants. The skills and knowledge necessary for competence should be developed through a training course in implant dentistry, with a suitably trained and experienced clinician acting as a mentor. Treatment offered and undertaken must be evidence-informed and patient-centred. The dentist must use a contemporary decision-making process to critically appraise new products and techniques before using them, and must ensure they follow current clinical consensus. For complete TRAINING STANDARDS IN IMPLANT DENTISTY.