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Loose Dentures

Dental implants provide a permanent, worry-free solution to missing teeth.

"I am a very nervous patient but Dr Bose made me feel very comfortable and was genuinely very kind and caring." - Mrs A.B.

Dental implants provide the ideal solution for securing dentures

As your jaw becomes thinner your dentures have a tougher job to stay in place. No matter how many times you have them altered to change and improve their fit, you may eventually have to cope with loose dentures.

Dental implants provide the most reliable way of ensuring the dentures stay in place, giving you the confidence to eat, speak and smile again.

The procedure involves placing 2 or 4 implants in the jaw, usually under local anaesthetic. The surgery takes about 1 hour. Healing is very quick and during this time you will be given a temporary denture – which fits well and allows enough space for your implants to heal underneath. The recovery time is usually 6-8 weeks and during this time we will see you for regular checks to see how you are healing.

How much does this treatment cost?

The cost of the procedure is relatively inexpensive. This is because you are only having a few implants. In some cases you don’t even need a new denture; we can adapt your existing denture to hold the press-studs that keep the denture in place.

loose dentures


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