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"I would recommend dental implants to anyone who has a failing bridge."


Mrs Penny Mandal


Ikon Dental Suite Ikon Dental Suite
"A failing bridge with many problems ahead - I didn't want a denture".

Three years ago I had a failing bridge which was giving me lots of complications; I continually had to return to the dentist and found I was paying on-going fees to just temporarily resolve the problems.

My dentist recommended the best and most viable option would be to have a dental implant. I had heard this kind of treatment can be quite costly, however soon realized a dental implant would, over the long term save me time, pain, hassle and money.

My dentist referred me to Dr Bose a specialist at Ikon Dental.

Manish was very kind and answered the many questions I had carefully and discussed my case very openly with a high attention to detail. He never treated me as a patient, but more like a friend than a patient and was always so kind and very considerate at every appointment.


Surgery process

I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have an implant and so as you can guess, I was very anxious about the surgery.


“The surgery was not what I expected – it was so much easier.”

I was a little apprehensive, but it was a very calm atmosphere and quickly the implant was placed and the surgery was complete - I was staggered the surgery was so easy and was blown away by the gentle procedure.

Manish realised I am a very inquisitive person and would appreciate a fuller understanding of all the tiny details. So during the procedure, Manish openly discussed and guided me through the minutiae of the procedure, which I was very grateful for.


“In my experience, having a tooth extracted is much worse than having an implant placed”

I didn't even need to take any pain killers following the surgery.


“I was so surprised – I had no pain at all – not one bit.”

I was over joyed with my temporaries which where provisionally placed following the surgery. I went home with fully functioning teeth, which after only a few days I could happily bite.


"My permanent crown was placed a few months later and I was really pleased with the outcome."

Having an implant is neat, comfortable and predictable – far better than my previous bridge. My teeth are now treated as individuals and will last for many years and I do not have to worry about the wear and tear of supporting teeth.

I am very grateful to Manish and his dedicated team at Ikon.

I was so pleased with my new implant I decided to have another implant instead of persevering with a failing tooth. In my opinion, implants are far more predictable and more clinically sound than trying to save a tooth.


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