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Read about our patients experiences who tell their own story of why they had dental implants.

"Now I can eat anything and enjoy a good steak"


Mr Juan Moralez

Ikon Dental Suite Ikon Dental Suite
“I found the highest professional standard at Ikon Dental Suite”

I always wanted to have my back teeth restored with dental implants but I was aware I couldn’t just go to any dentist to have them placed, I needed a specialist, who was fully trained with a good knowledge of this complex subject. 

I believe in quality, I don't believe you should look for the cheapest in town and I don’t believe you should go to just anyone who offers the service;  If  I was going to have dental implants I wanted to seek out and find the highest professional standard.

My dentist recommended I attend Ikon Dental as he knew the Ikon dental team were specialists with years of extensive training.


“Was I too old to have implants?”

My main concern was my age, as I am 73 years old and whether it could be done successfully.  I didn’t want to spend money if I could not be sure of the results so I felt quite apprehensive. However, the team were able to reassure me completely by explaining to me age is not a problem and mentioned they had just placed implants very successfully in a patient who was 83 years old, so I thought – well I have nothing to be apprehensive about.


The Surgery Process

“Far gentler than I ever imagined.”

I had five implants placed and immediately afterwards I thought to myself well that was quite good- I had no pain!  The procedure was far gentler than I ever imagined it would have been and I went home with just some mild pain killers – The surgery was nothing!

At a follow-up appointment I met Mr Bose, who took over my remaining treatment, which he completed with implant secured bridges.

I finally had sound teeth I can eat anything with …even steak. No more did I have to remove my teeth at night to clean.

“I had such good experience, I decided to have more.”

Just a few years later my lower front teeth became loose, so rather than go down the road of saving these teeth, I was keen to opt for implants as I had such a good previous experience.

My second experience was very similar to the first, I received 2 very small implants placed by Dr. Bose, the surgery was comfortable and within a few weeks I had sound strong teeth again.

They look perfect and I am pleased with the eventual final result and very happy.

I have had the procedure done twice now. It was costly but well worth the money.  If you can afford it I would highly recommend an implant as it is 2000 times better than taking teeth out at night.

“My life has changed”

My life has changed, as I never worry about meeting people or going to restaurants – I can chomp into a good steak without fear and no longer have to worry about taking my teeth out at night.


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