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"From self conscious and embarrassed to total confidence"



Mrs Janet stockmann

Ikon Dental Suite Ikon Dental Suite


“I was a tough case but he took me on”

It all started in my childhood – I was born with 9 congenitally missing adult teeth, I had no bite and no opportunity to replace these missing teeth.


"I was known as - The girl with the teeth"

At the age of 14, the only option available at the time, was to have further teeth removed in order to correct my bite; a denture was fitted and I spent the next 40 years with very unattractive teeth that completely affected my confidence and consequently I hid my smile from the world.

I struggled with my teeth’s appearance and periodically enquired if technology had improved and if anyone could help; and then last year my dentist recommended me to Ikon Dental suite, as he knew of a specialist who may be able to help me.

Dr Bose, immediately aware of the complexity, was confident that something could be achieved; he had great skill and expertise and with the technologies now available, I was very confident in his abilities – I knew he was the person who could restore my teeth.

I needed four lateral teeth to be replaced, gum lengthening, major bone surgery, Implants, veneers etc. - it was an enormous challenge, but he took me on.


"The journey that Manish has taken me down has been a transformation."

He warned me my journey may be long as I needed major surgery and would, at times be uncomfortable, as I was a complex case. However, I trusted Manish implicitly, I liked him enormously and I knew he would do his very best.  I felt extremely confident under his care.


The day of the Surgery

With 3.5 hours of surgery ahead of me, I imagined it would be painful and took some herbal remedy to help with my nerves.  Dr. Bose completely controlled all the pain and I honestly did not feel a thing. I had very little discomfort throughout the time I was in the chair.  

I was keen to block out the noise and wanted to listen to my ipod, so although it was a very sterile process, the team where very amenable and accommodated my request.

Following the surgery I was given adequate provisions to manage any pain and Manish called me that evening to ensure I was feeling okay and enquired after my wellbeing, which I was very appreciative of.

When I eventually received my new teeth.  I was delighted.  Manish did his very best to provide me with the best possible outcome, It was an amazing transformation.


“This was truly money well spent, I am very fortunate to have found Manish and received Dental implants”.

 I was a problematic case and I felt total trust in Manish Bose’s ability, skills and knowledge. I am so pleased I went through with the procedure.


“I am very fortunate to have found Manish and received Dental implants”.

 At no point did I ever regret it, as Dr. Bose is very sincere and gentle natured. As a specialist he has a complete understanding of the complex bone anatomy required for a case like me.


“I was 14 when this happened to me and it left me feeling very self- conscious. I can now laugh with confidence …thank goodness for Manish Bose and his team”.

And after all this – I enjoy visits to my skilful and dedicated dentist who went the extra mile for me: I have implicit trust in him.


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