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"Dental implants has improved my life enormously."


Mr Brian Hayes


Ikon Dental Suite Ikon Dental Suite
"I lost my crowns and disliked my denture".

About ten years ago I had crowns which cost me a lot of money in both upper and lower jaw. However, I have a very aggressive bite and before long my upper teeth started to loosen; following a period of constant re-configuring I ended up losing some teeth and with a denture.

The denture looked okay but it reduced my ability to taste my food and covered my palate – I didn't enjoy wearing a denture in the slightest.

I wanted to spend my remaining years in comfort and as a result my local dentist advised me to have dental implants.

I was aware that dental implants were readily available as I had read about them in the newspaper, I also discussed this treatment option with a very close friend who is a dentist and he recommended that I should look into it.

My dentist then referred me to Ikon Dental Suite as he recognized they are the best in the area.


“I discovered that Manish Bose was a lecturer and an academic in this subject”

Prior to my visit I carried out some research on Manish and discovered that he was very well recognized within this field of implantology and he teaches on the subject , this instilled me with confidence and so I then went ahead with the appointment.


“The Benefits far outweighed the costs”

My deciding factor was the ability to eat, taste and chew again … plus also to look good. The overall cost was within my budget and was quite affordable so I went ahead with the treatment.


“I was very impressed with both Dr Bose and his team.”

On my initial visit, Manish explained the processes and was very transparent by showing me many examples of cases from start to finish and discussed it in depth with me so I could build a picture of what I may expect.

My bone was plentiful and so I could go ahead with the implant surgery.

On the day of my surgery I was a little apprehensive as you can imagine and Manish was kind enough to provide me with some sedative to relax my nerves as I had the whole upper jaw carried out and 6 implants placed all in one day.

I went home with just some paracetomol, which managed any pain completely. I returned the following day to have the temporary bridge placed for a period

three to four months, while my implants healed and bonded with the bone, I had teeth to chew on again, even at this stage.


“Why people would ever consider to have this treatment carried out abroad?”

My treatment went according to plan. Any issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently. I had total peace of mind as the practice is very local and were on hand in case I needed to attend. I visited the practice during my treatment numerous times so I could be carefully observed, to check the healing progress and if necessary to treat any complications quickly. Fortunately there was nothing.

From my own experience I wouldn't advise anyone to consider going abroad for this kind of treatment as; Who would provide the necessary follow-up support and appointments to check the progress? Who could you possibly turn to if there were complications or infection? It is advanced treatment which requires a committed local practice.

I did have a little problem during a holiday where some of the teeth became loose and came away from the bridge which was fixed and dealt with very efficiently as soon as I returned. I believe the temporary was not as strong as the final permanent bridge, which was eventually fixed three weeks later.

My final teeth fitted perfectly and felt wonderful. I was very happy with the treatment and the service.

The beauty of the treatment is the bridge can be unscrewed and repairs can be carried out relatively inexpensively, whereas a standard bridge or crown would have to be totally replaced.


"I have had the implants in for a year, and it is 100% value for money."

Dental implants have made me more confident and given me the ability to chew my food more easily – I would without any hesitation, recommend dental implants and to have them placed at Ikon Dental.


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