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Receding Gums

Are you becoming “Long in the tooth”?

"The service, honesty and reassurance I received from Dr Bose and his team was exceptional" - Miss N.L.

A common problem and we have the cure.

Your gums play an important role to protect your tooth root and the bones.  When this tissue recedes it reduces other tissues that support and surround the tooth’s root resulting in sensitivity; making eating and drinking anything cold or icy very unpleasant. If this is left unchecked your recession could worsen to such a degree that the root could become so exposed that the teeth may loosen and fall out. They are also more prone to decay, as the exposed dentine is much softer than the tougher enamel.

Symptoms that can result from gum recession can include

The Solution

We can treat and reverse the effects of recession and gum disease. There are several techniques which we use in the practice, and Dr Bose and his team will be more than happy to explain the process of repairing your gums with you.

We also use a revolutionary Swedish product, which is called Emdogain. It is made of a special tooth enamel protein. When Emdogain is placed directly on the tooth’s root surface over a period of time your body recognises these proteins and begin to form tissue and fibers to replace what was lost, to anchor your tooth again and stop the disease. In addition it reverses gum disease growing back your lost tissue and turning back time.



Before Treatment

3 months after treatment with Emdogain


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