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The procedure

5 steps to Restoring your Smile

"I had a host of questions and Dr Bose answered them all with patience and understanding" - Mr R.B. BSc (Hons), MIET, CEng

Your Full Clinical Assessment with Dr Bose

Our team will organise an appointment with Dr Bose. He will spend approximately 1 hour with you to allow plenty of time to discuss your personal situation. During this time we will use x-rays and computer tomography to evaluate your jawbone, and also carryout a thorough review of your Dental and Medical history. Following this we will take some impressions so we can make plaster models of your mouth. There will be time to discuss the advantages and also considerations of the various options available to you and Dr Bose’s clinical recommendations.


Your Treatment Plan - which you will receive in the post

Within a few days following your appointment you will receive a full and complete proposal from us of your treatment including an overview of what we discussed and a full breakdown of your treatment costs. Successful and predictable implant dentistry requires time and the use of safe and biocompatible components; from the manufacture right the way through to the final re build. Our attention to detail is paramount to achieve success and this has a bearing on the fees. We will also want to make the treatment as affordable as possible and to provide details of finance options.


The Day Of Your Treatment

Please ensure you eat and have a full stomach before your treatment.

When you arrive we will ensure you feel very comfortable, the majority of patients have the Implant treatment carried out under local anaesthetic, however for some of our more nervous patients we can provide you with a sedative, this removes the feeling of anxiety making you feel very relaxed. We will then carefully prepare you for your minor surgery. During the surgery we will prepare the site and place a very tiny Titanium screw and depending on your individual case a temporary restoration will be placed, this allows you to have a natural looking smile very early on in the process. We will provide you with personal comprehensive instructions on how to care for your healing mouth and in addition an out of hours telephone number to access after surgery for your peace of mind.


Your Healing Period

Until your implant is fully secured and attached to the jaw bone a healing phase of around six to eight weeks is necessary – after about one week we will ask you to pop back to the practice to check on your healing and also to remove your stitches. We will also discuss post operative maintenance of your mouth.


The Making of Your New Teeth

Your new permanent Crown, Bridge or denture will be fabricated following an appointment where we take impressions of your mouth. Our specialist Dental Laboratory Technician will fabricate your individual tooth or bridge that will look and fit to the exact match of your mouth.

Your Aftercare

Just like your natural teeth, if it is uncared for there may be a risk that the implant may become loose if it is not regularly looked after, so we ensure you have regular Professional implant hygienist appointments to increase the life span of your new teeth  and keep the rest of your gums healthy and in tip top condition.


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